Monday, February 18, 2013

First human trafficking case in Fiji

After all the campaigning last week for the One Billion Rising it was devastating to read in the dailies today about the First human trafficking case in Fiji.

What makes me angry is that those involed are 23 and 24 years old.!!!!

They were trafficking young women between the ages of 16 - 20 and were living off the money they recieved from this Criminal activity.

Story can be read on Fiji Times online

I do congratulate the Fiji Police force for being successful in apprehending these criminials but on the other hand I am saddened to note that all the enormous amount of work we have done and those before us have done is being tarnished. Youth are the criminals here.

How can we ask for Youth to taken seriously and included in decision making processes when there are such sick youths who commit such violating crimes?

These young women were ripped off their human rights!
These young women were being victimized!
These young women were being abused!
These young women have had their lives ruined.

No amount of therapy will rid them of the memories they have of what hase been done to them.
No amount of therapy will fix what is broken in their lives.

And all for what?
So a pair of lazy youths could earn easy money?

While I do hope they get the maximum sentencing (only because HR forbids harsher punisments) I also feel that the authorities need to investigate and get to the bottom of who else was involved.

Who were the people that these young women were being trafficked to?

They too need to be punished!!!

If they are being sentenced, they should receive life in prison with no chance of coming out EVER!! Plus they should be charged a hefty amount that can be given to the young women who can use it in an attempt to bring their life back to order (go to school, get more education, find a job etc).

In all of this I also wonder where were the Parents and guardians of these young women and of the two youths?

Were they aware of such activities taking place?
If they were aware than they need to be imprisoned as well.

If they were unaware than they need to start taking a more active role in the lives of their children.

This doees not mean that we put our children under a lock down! No.
It just means that parents/guardians need to have a better communication system with their children.
Dialogue with your children (and parents), get involved, make conversation, ask each other how your day was, ask each other what events are going on in your lives.
If there is a problem dialogue for a solution. Do not start yelling or blaming!!
Start getting actively involved!!! and be aware of what goes on in the lives of your family and friends...

We need to have a better support network system so that these types of incidents do not make headlines - because we want a secure future for everyone!!

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